Jordan Robinson / Developer

Developer by day, developer by night

I'm Jordan, a developer currently based in Manchester, UK.

I really enjoy learning new languages, so I'd hate to pin myself down any further than developer. Working on side projects and bringing ideas into reality in a new language I haven't touched before is something I definitely couldn't give up.

Day to day I work at Codurance making cool stuff for clients big and small. I get to work with incredibly talented, remarkable people, and on work I thoroughly enjoy. When I'm not coding at work I'm also coding at home, so if you'd like to collaborate on something, or just need a partner in crime for your awesome idea, let me know because I'd really love to hear from you. Especially if you tell me where you think does the best burrito.

Describing yourself is always difficult, so there are some links just over there that sum me up a lot more than I could in a few paragraphs. A blog, too if you're into that kind of thing.

Nobody has a viewport that small don't be ridiculous.